Six Fun Ways To Get Around Town

Although the old fashioned use of cars is still prevalent, more and more urbanites are finding some new and exciting alternatives to shop around the city.

While having a car can be of help, the cost and expenses are making more people shy aware of using them in the town. A non-automotive way of getting around town has now become an essential need in our daily lives.

Well with such a wide variety of options, you may be spoilt for choice on what is best for you. Read on as we break down on what you need to note when picking your favorite.

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This two-wheeled mode of transport has always been a sure way to cruise around town. Consuming little fuel, scooters have been the go-to transport for commuters who want to save on fuel cost.

And with a new breed of electric scooters being manufactured, scooters have proven to be cost-effective in their operation.

Not to mention the most considerable advantage is the ability to comfortably maneuver through the town regardless of crowded areas or roads.

Furthermore, you need not worry about speed as the top speed range are set to meet the city’s speed limits.


While in the past skateboarding was considered a form of recreation, nowadays it has expanded to be accepted as a valid method of transport.

If you are an avid skateboard enthusiast, you get to enjoy your favorite past time even more. However, for safety and as required by law, ensure you have the appropriate gear and skate only in the designated areas.

This is to keep you safe while you are out on the run.

Bike riding

Other than a great physical activity, cycling is a fun way to get around. Not only does it save you cash, but it is also a quick way to move across town without obstacles or delays.

Furthermore, it gives you the freedom to take notice of any changes in your environment while you are out on your bike. With health benefits of keeping you fit coupled with the sights, bike riding is the ultimate vehicle to get you to your destination.

Not to forget, you should wear your helmet to keep yourself safe while riding.


Probably one of the most refreshing ways to move around is the hoverboard. These electrical gadgets come with a hefty price tag and need, and if you are good at balancing then, this is the tool for travel. Relatively easy to use, hover boards can easily maneuver you down the road with little practice.

Furthermore, they come in different varieties and models. You easily save money on a mode of transport that is portable and easy to carry.

However, they do not come cheap, if you are looking at spending a coin on the perfect gift then top hoverboards are your pick. Additionally, it is important you are careful while riding your hoverboard as a severe injury can occur.


If you together with a couple of friends are heading to the same event in town, carpooling is a great way to get there. Not only will be easing traffic congestion, but it is an excellent way to spend time with your pals.

Sharing your ride also helps to reduce the parking congestion around town, easing the flow of traffic.


You may want to turn heads with your transportation, if so, picking a Segway would be on top of your list. At first, it looks funny, but once you get the hang of it, you will be gliding every day through town.

With your driving licenses, you can go ahead and rent a Segway if you are not able to purchase one.  While it is not a cheap adventure, it will be worth your money.

Whereas you may be spoilt for choice, your pick will depend on some other factors. The speed, fuel efficiency, cost, and accessibility are just some of the reasons to keep in mind.

Furthermore, your safety, privacy, and comfort are also priorities to consider to ensure your travel around town is enjoyable.

All these aspects play a necessary role in making the final decision, but your personal preference will be the ultimate factor.

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